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Why Step-Up? As a musicians' skills become more advanced, their instruments need to do the same.  Step-Up Instruments (also called Performance or Intermediate Instruments) are designed with the professional features an advancing player needs, but on an instrument that can be purchased at a manageable price. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing young students in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school, college, and often, beyond.

   Rent to Own
No Risk Monthly Rent to Own Plan

Return at anytime without further obligation.

Apply up to 16 months of rental payments toward a select list of Performance Level Step Up Instruments.

No Credit Check

Full Coverage Maintenance Included
Includes Mouthpiece and Case
Educator Approved Instruments


For those that know they want to purchase an instrument, we offer the most competitive pricing program in Northwest Florida.

Name brand instruments at internet prices!

Get the lowest price and use your equity toward yearly maintenance program.

We also offer competitive financing through First Mutual, Synchrony and Blispay.