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Though it was founded in 1928 in Elkhart, Indiana, the Geminhardt Company’s roots go back much farther. Kurt Gemeinhardt was a fourth-generation flute maker in Markneukirchen, Germany where he apprenticed under his father. Once his apprenticeship was finished, he spent the next 20 years in St. Gallen, Switzerland handcrafting flutes for many of the world’s most prestigious flautists. It was only after persuasion that Kurt moved to the United States.

When Kurt Gemeinhardt founded the company, his vision was to make a limited run of silver flutes. His unique flutes, however, increased in popularity beyond what he expected. Soon, he began manufacturing mid-level flutes and then entry-level as well.

In 1997 the company acquired the Roy Seaman Piccolo Company. Today, the company is the music industry’s largest exclusive manufacturer of flutes and piccolos, providing instruments for every player from beginner to professional.

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