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In 1825 Denis Buffet-Auger began making clarinets in Paris, France and grew under Jean-Louis Buffet and his wife Zoe Crampon. It was at this time that it became known as Buffet Crampon.

The company has expanded its manufacturing to include facilities in Germany and China. In addition to clarinets, where the company got its start, Buffet Crampon also manufactures oboes, flutes, saxophones, English horns, and bassoons. In addition to the Buffet Crampon name, the company manufactures instruments under 11 other brands.

W. Schreiber: Schreiber has long understood how to blend the craftsman’s know-how with modern manufacturing methods. The combination of highly qualified specialists, first class tools and state-of-the-art precision machines guarantees instruments of the highest quality. With a sure feeling for sound and playing properties instruments can be made with fine response, perfect intonation and a great sound.

Melton Meinl Weston: Meinl-Weston Tubas have been the benchmark of German craftsmanship for decades. The Meinl-Langhammer family devoted their work to gain the best manufacturing experience, meticulous workmanship, continuous research and development as well as personal dedication to quality. Our instruments are the result of specific rich and projecting sound with the genuine Meinl-Weston core, a certain balance of openness and resistance to reach the incomparable ease of performance based on the efficiency of playing and control of sound and intonation.

Besson: Working with the best craftsmen, the latest technology and the most highly regarded musicians, Besson always strives to do better, just as you do when you practice. Our unique brass sound is the one that band players strive for, its personality resonating through band rooms and concert halls around the world, straight to the audience’s grateful ears. In recent years the quality of Besson brass instruments has continued to rise with rigorous testing and quality control. We do this to provide you with the best instruments, a quality that endures and retains its value, to help you on your journey as a musician.

B&S: The love of music and the deep understanding of musicians and the demands on their instrument are the foundation of our work. We speak the language of musicians, listen to them carefully and do everything to ensure that their wishes in the manufacturing of instruments is fully implemented. We are conscious of tradition – on the basis of a 250-year experience. And we do it competently – with craft mastery, sensitivity and flexibility as well as modern manufacturing processes. Hence, we share in all divisions the passion for music and the perfect sounds.

Antoine Courtois: Founded in 1803, Antoine Courtois has set itself apart as a top-end manufacturer of brass instruments for over two centuries. The elegance of French instrument making came into its own in their Amboise workshops. The brand’s trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones and saxhorns are steeped in this culture, rich in expertise and traditional values. Antoine Courtois instruments appeal to soloists and musicians in major symphony orchestras and jazz ensembles worldwide.

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