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For more than 114 years, Blessing has been America’s premier student band instrument. In 1895 Emil Karl Blessing moved from Oppelsbohm, Germany to Elkhart, Indiana where he began working for Gus Buescher improving piston valve designs. By 1901 he was building brass instruments and in 1903 he moved to Chicago to work for Frank Holton. He returned to Elkhart in 1906 and began manufacturing brass wind valve assemblies.

Before long, he was producing small numbers of trumpets and cornets. By the 20’s and 30’s, Blessing was producing a full line of brass instruments. Eventually, he streamlined his process to focus on the instruments he was becoming known for, cornets, trumpets, and trombones.

In June of 2015, E.K. Blessing Brass was sold to St. Louis Music. The company is now based in St. Louis, Missouri, producing a full line of woodwinds and brass wind instruments, performance brass, and marching brass instruments.

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