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Why A Beginner Instrument? A beginner student needs an instrument that is easier to play and maintain.  All of our instruments are quality instruments ensuring the best chance for success for your students. 

Why Rent? 
We have built our rental as a "Try Before You Buy" program.  In other words, you have 16 months to decide if you want to buy a beginner instrument or step up to a performance or intermediate instrument.  Best yet, we let 16 months of your rental payment (minus Maintenance) to build in an " Instrument Savings Account" that you can use to purchase a beginner or performance level instrument in our UpNext Rent-to-Own program.

Step 1.  Select the Instrument Type
Step 2.  Select Instrument Condition
Step 3.  Fill out the form completely
Step 4.  We will contact you to finish process

French Horn
Other Instruments