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New Band Parent FAQ

Start Renting Now!!

As a new or prospective band parent you probably have a number of questions to ask.  We strive to be the answer company when it comes to musical needs for your band student.  This site will answer your questions. Click Here for Spanish Version/Haga Clic Aqui para Español

Q. Should I buy or rent an instrument?

A. Renting offers a low risk alternative to buying; month to month agreement, built in maintenance programs, and easy exchange policies. A rented instrument can take the dents and dings of a beginning band student before they upgrade to a more expensive instrument. Buying can be less expensive in the long run if the student stays in band and won’t want a performance instrument eventually.

Q. Should I do my business local or on the internet?

A. You can buy good instruments on the internet, but it’s important to know if the brand is actually one that can be serviced by your local music store. If you are looking to purchase an instrument online, deals that seem too good to be true usually are, unfortunately. In many cases, repair shops are unable to get parts, the instruments are easily broken, and the tone quality is poor due to low quality materials and construction, which can be very frustrating to a young musician.

By doing your business locally, you will always have professionals available to quickly answer questions and do repairs. Typically, music stores offer better deals than online for the better quality instruments as well. Click here for a list of band instrument brands that UpBeat Music can service.

Q. What instrument should my child play?

A. Most band directors have an instrument selection process where the students will get to try out all the instruments. Then the directors will select the appropriate instrument for each student.

Q. During band tryout night there was a different music store assisting the band director, do I have to rent from that store?

A. No. Some band directors have personal relationships with some other stores and some directors only allow one store to be at their instrument tryout night. We highly recommend that you look at all local options and see which store offers the most value to you and your student.

Q. What is the difference between the rent-to-rent contract and a rent-to-own?

A. A rent-to-rent contract means that you have a month by month commitment and that the instrument is still UpBeat Music’s legal property. You may return the instrument at any time and cancel the contract easily.

A rent-to-own contract means that you will have a set amount owed every month for a maximum of 36 months, and by then you will have payed off the instrument. The instrument is still UpBeat Music’s legal property until the last payment is made. Preference is given to current rent-to-rent customers, and typically need to be currently enrolled in one of our “local” schools. Give us a call for any questions or come in to either of our stores!

Q. Will I ever own the instrument I’m renting (rent-to-rent contract)?

A. No. If you have a rent-to-rent contract, then the instrument will always be owned by the music store

Q. How can I attain ownership of the instrument I’m renting?

A. If you have a Rent-to-Own contract with UpBeat you can continue the payments or purchase with a 15% of the unpaid balance.

Q. If I return my rented instrument for the summer but want to return in the fall, can I get the same instrument and keep the equity I’ve built?

If you return an instrument for the summer, there is no way to guarantee that you’d get the same exact instrument back because of supply and demand. Also, any equity you had built up to that point would restart to $0.

Q. I've been renting a trumpet, but I want to use my equity to get a flute. Can I do that?

No. Equity cannot be transferred between instruments. For example, if you are currently renting a trumpet,
you cannot use your equity towards a flute or trombone or anything that is not a trumpet. The only exception, a current alto saxophone student can apply equity towards a tenor, baritone, or soprano saxophone.

Q. What if my child decides they don’t want to continue band?

No problem, if you’re on q contract from us then bring it in any time and we’ll close out the contract for you with no extra fees. However, if you have built up late fees or have lost accessories that came with the instrument, those fees will need to be paid before the contract is closed out.

Q. Should my child take private music lessons outside of band?

Yes! In private lessons, students work one-on-one with their instructor which helps them advance at a faster rate and with more comprehension. A private instructor can notice and correct minor technique issues and bad habits before they become a problem and become harder to correct. Students will get help with developing a more professional tone on the instrument, and this individual attention increases the effectiveness of preparing for solo performances and auditions.

UpBeat Music offers private lessons with a variety of instruments, with instructors that are ready to assist your student in their musical development!