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New Band Parent FAQ

As a new or prospective band parent you probably have a number of questions to ask.  We strive to be the answer company when it comes to musical needs for your band student.  This site will answer your questions.

Q.)  Is music important in my child's education?
 A.)  Yes, Students in high-quality school music education programs score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of community (Nature Neuroscience, April 2007). Check out these videos.

Q.)  What instrument should my child play?
       A.) Most band directors have an instrument selection process.  In this process the students will get to try out all the instruments.  Then the appropriate  instrument will be selected.

Q.)  Should I buy or rent an instrument? 
A.)  Rental offers a low risk alternative to buying. (Month to month agreement, built in maintenance programs, easy exchange policies)   Buying can be less expensive in the long run if the student stays in band and only needs a beginner instrument.  UpBeat Music strongly believes that buying a beginner instrument can be detrimental to the continued improvement of your advancing student. 

Q.)  Local or Internet?
  A.)  The question is really about service.  Can I get my instrument serviced locally?  You can buy serviceable instruments on the internet, heck, you're on the internet now.  Here is a list of instrument brands that UpBeat Music can serviceWe usually can meet or beat the internet on pricing and we offer a value priced instrument that we can service.

Q.)  During the selection night there was a different music store assisting the band director, do I have to rent from that store?
    A.)  No, band directors have personal affiliations with some other stores and some only allow one store to be at their instrument selection night.  I would highly recommend that you look at all options and see which store offers the most value to you and your student.
Q.)  I've never played an instrument, how do I help my student with playing his/her instrument?
A.)  First, encourage your student to play the instrument as much as possible. Playing an instrument is not easy and kids need lots of encouragement. The "practice" word has bad connotations.  I try not to use it, but encourage them to "play".  When kids get to play it really makes life more fun.  Get the kids to play for you on a regular basis.