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Flute for school band

The flute is one of the most popular instruments in the band.  It has a beautiful mellow tone and is a lead instrument, often carrying the melody.

Flute player in school band

Producing a tone on the flute is similar to blowing across the top of a bottle.  Once you can make that sound, simply use the keys to change the notes.

Flute isn't hard to learn — like all the instruments, it just takes some practice. 

Many girls choose the flute, but boys can also play flute.

Here's an example of flute music:

Here are some of our favorite flute performances and a few flute tips and tricks. 

Why Play Flute?

Student playing flute in school bandThere are lots of great reasons to play flute.

  • The flute makes a beautiful, soothing sound. 
  • Flutes often play the melody or lead parts in a band.
  • Flutists get front-row seats in the band.
  • Flute is fun to play in duets and ensembles, and sounds good with almost all other instruments.
  • The flute is small and easy to carry.
  • Flute is not difficult to learn. With practice you can be as good as you want to be.
  • It’s easy to find music for flute. (A flute is in the key of C, so music doesn’t have to be transposed.)
  • Flutes sound good in all types of music—classical, modern, rock, jazz, pop, easy listening, gospel, contemporary Christian, etc.
  • Once you can play flute you can also play piccolo. Other woodwind instruments (clarinets and saxophones) play similarly and are easy for flutists to learn.

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511RBS Open Hole, B Foot Flute
Model# 511RBS

OVERVIEW Inexpensive yet loaded with advanced features. The Jupiter 511 is an open-holed flute that donnes a silver-plated body, keys, and headjoint. Attributes include an in-line G, gizmo keys and a B foot that not only extends...

List: $1,132.71
Price: $757.00

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611RBS Intermediate B Foot, Open Hole Flute
Model# 611RBS

OVERVIEW Sterling silver headjoint! The quality of Jupiter flutes is recognized worldwide. To assure that each flute is precise, skilled technicians hand seat all pads and hand adjust all mechanisms. The model 600 series affords...

List: $1,381.65
Price: $995.00

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711RBS Intermediate B Foot, Open Hole
Model# 711RBS

OVERVIEW Solid silver throughout! The Jupiter 711 Series Intermediate Flute is a solid silver flute throughout. This step-up model takes the advancing student to new levels all while giving brighter sound quality and greater projection....

List: $1,768.90
Price: $1,389.00

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AZ2SRB Pro-Line Open Hole, B Foot Flute
Model# AZ2SRB

OVERVIEW Designed by Altus fopunder and flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka. Azumi flutes are a perfect fit for the serious student and aspiring flutist. The most distinct feature of all Azumi flutes is the Altus Z-cut professional heajoint...

List: $1,741.24
Price: $1,427.00

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